Earlier this week someone told me to think about things that make me angry. Being the overly-analytical person that I am, I started thinking about anger itself. Complicated little emotion, that one. I’m not sure we know how to express it.

When people are sad or hurt (physically or emotionally) there are characteristic responses. Not everyone breaks into tears, but that is, of course, a classic indication that something painful is going on. Some people sigh or just simply look unhappy. Fear, too, is fairly obvious when it comes to expression. Watch any scary movie and you’ll see the common conception of fear– people scream, shake, etc. Sure, movies aren’t the best way to judge society, but the point still stands.

Then there’s anger. What do we do with that little bugger? There’s certainly alot of it.

Anger is new to me. Like far too many people, I grew up in one of those situations where *everyone* was angry, and almost everyone got hurt. Nothing like being beaten every other hour to drive those pesky emotions far from the surface. But enough of that. This isn’t a Freudian post.

I *did* however, just learn to connect a specific sensation with anger. Bloody well great and all, except now that I know I feel it, I haven’t got a clue as to how I should express it. People tell me simply stating that I am angry without changing inflection isn’t good enough, even though I am a British expat. Apparently we appear repressed from time to time.

So for anyone who might happen to stumble upon this, how do *you* express anger? I think physical stuff is relatively common. People go for a run, a bike ride, or whatever. Then there are those who yell or scream or punch pillows.

Me? I just play the guitar until my fingers bleed. Bad week to be one of my fingers.


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