There was a black spot moving across my bed this morning. Normally black spots moving across the bed are my cat. This one, however, would have to have been a miniature version of her. It crept slowly across the quilt. The cat crept quietly up behind it. Just as I was about to enquire as to *what* this thing was, the cat obliterated it.

Not to worry, though. There were plenty of other spots moving around the bed. And in the window. And on the floor. That’s right folks, it’s BEETLEMANIA!!!! Coming soon to a venue *very* near you: Attack of the Carpet Beetles!!

Here’s the strange part– we don’t have carpet. We have carpet beetles, but we do not have carpet. Not even a floor rug. I’m hoping the little buggers are bringing carpet with them. Wood floors are rather cold on winter mornings.


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