Mothering Sunday

Growing up in England and moving to the US, I’ve become accustomed to quite a few cultural differences. I’ve learned to use American spellings (although I still slip up when I’m tired or angry). I’ve learned to use American phrases (although I refuse to give up certain expletives). I’ve even learned to throw in a few American pop culture references (although it’s more fun to throw in British pop culture phrases to confuse people). One thing I really miss, though, are some of the traditions that I didn’t take with me. People from home who have been away a while will understand what I mean. It’s always nice to converse with other expats who are sometimes missing the same traditions I am.

That said, happy Mothering Sunday to all the Mums and families in England today. I wish you a day of beautiful flowers, yummy cakes, and love. And for the mothers and children out there missing those who are gone, I wish you peace and fond memories. Enjoy the day!


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