The Week So Far

This is the first instalment of ‘The Week So Far,’ which is destined to become a regular guest here on Delightfully Scattered Thoughts. I’m in a very silly mood today, so bear with me. 🙂

My Stupid Loan (check the earlier post) has finally been processed. All I have to do now is go to the lovely financial aid people and sign a form stating that I do want the funds. Rather obvious, but I completely understand why they have to have that formality in place. And as a great surprise, they’re actually getting the funds to me before midterm! Growl.

Yesterday morning I awoke to a menacing tickle in the back of my throat, which became a fevery sort of ache. Very early this morning I came to the realisation that I have one of those weird flu bugs that are going around at the moment. First carpet beetles and now flu bugs. Not a good year for me and insects so far. I told you I was in a silly mood. This is no big deal, really, thanks to OTC meds. [Insert deity here] bless the good people who make the generic counterpart of Tylenol cough and cold. What *is* a big deal is working with a couple of other nagging little health issues I have that get aggravated by having to share the spotlight with a lowly flu. Working with my small army of doctors and the Broke Student Insurance Co. I managed to secure a medical device that can really help with one part of my Stuff. I paid the money needed up front and then did the Doctor Dance, in which a couple of docs argued while I sat thinking my large amount of money had been completely wasted. Everything has been processed now there, too, and I’m just waiting for a shipping notice. Mind you it’s been a couple of weeks. Hmmm…maybe the med company is run by the same fine folks who run the loan company.

It hasn’t been a bad week, though. I’m just ranting because I’m so good at it. It’s actually very pleasant outside, which always puts me in a better mood. I love spring, and this cool breeze and sunshine are proof that it’s on its way. My best friend and I are planning a Spring Break trip to visit friends who have become family to me over the years, and the thought of that getting closer and closer is also making every day easier, regardless.

There’s also the upcoming holiday season. And by that, I mean St Patrick’s Day, of course. It’s my absolute favourite holiday, and my best friend and I always celebrate in style. Lots of good things over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

And now for the last bit of The Week So Far– my cat, who is alternately running across the keyboard and bumping my leg so that I push the wrong keys, wishes to make her Internet début. I’d show you what she typed, but since she pretends not to be able to use the backspace key, it isn’t publishable. Who knew cats could be so talkative!

Silly indeed.


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