Adventures in Library Science

Browsing through the online catalogue of a local library, I was very happy to see that they had one copy of a book I had been looking for. I submitted a reservation for the book and went about my day secure in the knowledge that it would be waiting for me that night.

When I got to said library several hours later, the librarian looked rather annoyed by my asking if a book was on reserve for me. She declined my request to go look on the shelves for it, noting that I was one of one who had reserved the book and it would be ready soon. No big issue, really. It was just a minor irritation. The *real* fun started that weekend.

Saturday night I stopped to get the mail from my PO box and was surprised to see a letter from the library. Did I forget to turn in a dvd or book? Apparently not. The letter was to let me know the book I had requested was available at the circulation desk. It was dated the same day I went to the library looking for the book in the first place, and by the time I got the letter, the book reservation had been cancelled.

Makes my head hurt.


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