The (It’s already been a week?!?) So Far

I can sum up the events of this week in one word: school.  There’s not a great lot other than that going on in my life, and I’m okay with that.  Things have a tendency not to stay quiet for very long. 

This week has been *good* though.  In spite of a few minor annoyances, I’m feeling calm.  Probably peaceful oblivion, as I have so much to do and am not the least bit worried about it.  Once again, I’ll take that for now.  We all need a bit of time to not worry about things.

I think this peace is coming from last week.  My best friend and I went to visit my FOC (family of choice), and as always, they reminded me what the words peace, safety, and family really mean.  The universe lined up perfectly with that.  Every time we visit, I come back feeling steadier and more prepared to take on whatever comes my way.  There’s nothing like a loving family to provide you with strength to get through anything. 

One more thing—the blog is getting a bit more traffic!  I’m happy to see that people are clicking the links on DID.  We need to reach as many people as we can on this subject, so thanks for reading, and please refer anyone who could benefit from the information.

Here’s to another peaceful week.


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