The Ranting Week So Far

Job searching, to put a fine point on it, sucks. I feel like I’ve sent out more resumes than there are actual jobs out there. Yesterday I got a call telling me a job I applied for had been filled, and I was actual *encouraged* —at least they bothered to phone me. I’m in education. Anyone out there have tips for job searching? I’m thinking I need a job with a good retirement plan. By the time I find a job, I’ll be old enough to retire.

That’s largely my week. I’m too annoyed, really, to write a decent post. To put a finer point on it, job searching sucks.

Ok, I’m finished ranting now. On to better news.

For those of you interested in DID, my brother-of-choice wrote a guide to help the significant others of people with multiplicity. It has been a great help to so many people. You can find The Manual at

Also, he keeps a blog called ThermionicEmissions at He’s one of the truly good people in the world. Not to mention, he’s a great writer and absolutely hilarious. 🙂

Here’s to next week…


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