Sleep? What Sleep?

Those of us with internal folk tend to have an ‘interesting’ relationship with sleep.  I’d say it’s an all-or-none thing, but there is some middle ground.  Sometimes other alters stay awake while the original personality is asleep, giving the feeling that you actually *didn’t* sleep that night.

For me, time has been even stranger than usual this past week.  Monday couldn’t decide what day it wanted to be.  Tuesday barely existed.  By the time Thursday came round, I was so confused about the date that I was literally repeating it aloud sometimes.  The sleep thing seemed to be following along that pattern.

One really odd night (surprisingly, I don’t remember which night it was) I awoke perfectly refreshed.  The sun wasn’t up yet, so I was a bit excited at the thought of being awake and energised that early.  I’m definitely a morning person.  That all became a bit on the annoying side, though, when I turned to the clock and saw that I’d only been sleeping an hour and a half.  Still, I felt ready to start the day.  Until five minutes later when I crashed out again.

And then there was the opposite night.  I slept a really long time and felt like I hadn’t slept at all.  As it turns out, one of the internal children had been awake most of the night (internally) playing with her two favourite soft toys.  *I* was asleep, but part of my mind had been awake all night.

And then there was the *really* strange night.  I woke up and literally thought I was dead.  It was an odd sort of consciousness that feels like an in between state.  I’ve heard it termed sleep paralysis, and it could be exactly the same for multiples and singletons alike.  The mind is awake, but the body isn’t.  That’s probably one of the most off-putting states of existence.  Fortunately for me, it’s not all that common.

Sleep is definitely an adventure sometimes.


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