Bloody Guitars


I’m very new to the world of guitar, but I have learned quite alot in the past year and a half or so.  One really important thing I’ve learned is how to restring my Squier strat.  Or so I thought.  I’ve put new strings on it three times, so why wouldn’t it be completely impossible for me to restring it this time?!?  I just broke the fourth string on my second set, meaning if I started again I’d be working on a third set for this one restringing.  Argh and growl.

I’m sure it was an amusing sight this morning– me cursing at and bleeding on a guitar.  I kept poking my fingers with the strings.  They tell me eventually restringing the guitar does *not* require loud cursing.  I’m not sure I believe that.

In any event, the obvious thing to do would be take it to a music store and have it done.  I, however, am never one to do the obvious.  It’s not that difficult, really.  Insert strings through back of guitar and wind around peg.  And then there’s the fact that with anything I own I *have* to now how it works and how to maintain it.  That has got me in trouble more times than I care to mention.  Still, I guess what I’ll have to do is take it to the music store and watch very carefully while the guy there puts new strings on it.  At this point that will be cheaper than buying another set, and I can tackle it again after having watched someone else do it correctly.

Did I mention argh and growl?  I’m starting to see why musicians get caught up in performance and smash guitars.  Perhaps they’re taking out frustration from restringing the bloody things.


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