The BUSY Week So Far

It’s the end of the semester, and everything I’ve been ignoring is due.  Not a complaint– just a statement of fact.  I’m buried in a pile of books, papers, and other fun things on which I’m likely to be tested soon.  One would think that, by the time you reach graduate school, the procrastination thing would be rather alot better.  I thought that, too, until I got to graduate school.  😉

I’m also working on a couple of projects completely unrelated to school.  One of my internal folk does *not* like the field I’m studying, so he’s doing a project in a completely different field.  No, it won’t be studied by anyone other than us, but it’s helping him express himself and giving him a chance to work on something he likes for a change.  Another alter, a teen, wants to spend hours at a time on MySpace.  That particular project is not going well, as I don’t have time to spend hours on anything that isn’t school-related.  She knows this but, being a teenager, she still complains quite loudly sometimes.  After classes and exams are over, I’m planning to give her more time as well.  We’ll all need a break by then.

Just a short summary for those of you who like reading this little series on my blog.

Right.  Back to the things I’ve been ignoring.


One thought on “The BUSY Week So Far

  1. Don’t you know that graduate school is merely a vessel for honing the craft that is procrastination? It is a skill that I have perfected, much to the dismay and discontent of some of my professors and course grades. If professors don’t expect procrastination, then they shouldn’t assignment so much crap.

    (Stepping off soap box and reentering the world of studying for finals.)

    Happy Writing.

    PS – You HAVE to let me know what is the project that Ole Timeless One is doing.

    And as always…USF! USF! USF! 🙂

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