Other People’s Stuff

Here’s another one of those scenarios I never quite know how to handle.  A friend of a friend of mine, so to speak, has had something really bad happen in his life.  I don’t know this person, but I know some of his family and friends and have a connection through them.  The issue they’re facing is absolutely heartbreaking, and I’m sending along every bit of healing and comfort I possibly can.

Just for fun, this situation is triggering some of my own Stuff.  It’s not my situation, but it’s one I’ve faced before.  I always feel guilty about that– feeling bad about my own Stuff when someone I care about is hurting.  My strategy has always been to do what I can to help and deal with my own Stuff on my own time.

Ok Readers, time for your input.  How do you handle it when your Stuff gets triggered by other people’s stuff?


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