You Know Your Job Search Is Going Badly When…

The HR Rep from K-mart doesn’t show up.

I’m looking for a ‘just get by’ job to fund my job search, basically. That said, I managed to get an interview for a cashier’s position at K-mart. Having already been in that hellish position for Walmart, I thought I’d try the Other Side. Apparently the lovely workers of the K-mart chain are an even more evolved group.

I showed up early for the interview, as is my wont. The HR Rep wasn’t there yet, but I was greeted by Suzy Sunshine, the friendly stock girl, who told me that ‘she ain’t gone be in today’ and said to Sunny Service Desk that I was ‘one of them online people who got some interview when nobody was gone be there anyway.’ I should have backed away slowly then, but being masochistic, I stayed.

Sunny Service Desk, bless the dear lady, did check to see if the HR Rep was actually scheduled to be in and found that she was indeed supposed to be working 8-2. Apparently attendance is optional. Could have been a great job afterall…

On the other hand, these people could be marketing *geniuses.* I browsed around the store for a bit, waiting 25 minutes for the HR Rep to show up (25 mins late, mind you). Approaching the service desk and wondering what the proper ritual for getting information was, I asked Sunny Service Desk if there had been any new developments. Visible HR Rep said that, indeed, the other Rep would not be in. Muttering loudly about having scheduled the interview personally with the other person, I asked if maybe she could do the interview with me.

Apparently, Invisible HR Rep is the only one with the hiring-firing power. She must really be something. I’m guessing that her power would have blinded me. In fact, she probably did me a service. I might have become so insecure comparing myself with her that I wouldn’t even feel *worthy* of the job. Yes, she did indeed help me out.

My expectations have foiled me again.


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