Meet the Cast- Part One

We’ve been working on this post for quite some time, but with shifting selves and an unpleasant present, we got a bit distracted. Since many of my posts are related to DID, I/we wanted to introduce the folks who provide all this material. For the sake of coherency, they’re not going to write their own descriptions, but I’m describing them as they see themselves.

Not long after I learned of the others, a great lot of them integrated. That was something about the SRA part of my experience and I’m not delving further into it. There have been no negative effects, so I’m OK with not completely understanding that. I’m just describing what one of my insiders termed the lead roles, sans the supporting cast and understudies.

That comment was brought to you courtesy of L, otherwise known as the Leader. Alters are finicky about giving names, especially to those outside the system. When I first met L he simply told me he was a leader and did not need a name. My best friend started calling him Big L, which stuck. Now we just call him L. He functions more as a gatekeeper than anything else. He knows most of what goes on inside, and he does his best to keep things orderly.

Personality wise, he is quite the joker. His wit is always dead-on, and he’s the first to make a sarcastic or off-colour comment. As that describes *me* rather well, I’m surprised we can coexist. πŸ™‚ He’s also a bit of an antagonist who nudges the others from time to time.

L is easygoing for the most part, and he and my best friend enjoy throwing groaner jokes at each other. We have no idea how old L is, leading my best friend to refer to him as O Timeless One on occasion as well.
They first met when L got tired of listening to Moira’s Irish accent and sent her back inside. He and my best friend got chatting about school; L *hates* what I’m studying and wants to go back into health care. I’m not sure entirely of how the conversation went, but my best friend mentioned that even if we moved back, we wouldn’t necessarily have to work at the same hospital in London where we first worked, as there would be other hospitals. L responded with feigned disbelief and shock saying something along the lines of ‘there are other hospitals in London?’ He’s a sweetheart, really.

He does have an internal sweetheart, which even I think is hilarious. Kathy, or Mother Kathy, as the children call her is L’s significant other. Kathy’s main function is to take care of the children. She is the epitome of a good mother, and she has a sense of peace about her that seems to extend even to external people when she’s around. She’s in her 40’s and frequently appears to the children as a nun. I depend on Kathy to bring down the level of tension when things seem to be building beyond what I can deal with, and she’s always found a way.

Paula is quite the mystery. She was definitely born by the bells of the Bow (meaning she’s Cockney, for the non-Brits who read this). My best friend first realised he was talking to her when she started dropping most of the syllables in words. They proceeded to plan our tour as a band called ‘Struggling Foreigner’ complete with lesbian rock and phone roadies. Too bad neither of them remembers much about the conversation. πŸ™‚

I really enjoy chatting with Paula. She’s the life of any party and one of the most outspoken people ever to have existed. She tells me her job is to put things back in order when the structure of the system is changed in a not-so-great way. SRA, as much as I would like to say otherwise, is still a part of my life. Those lovely folks still have a bit of a hold on me. Recently Paula went what we dubbed ‘alter hunting.’ She searched the light garden and brought out some of the alters who had been hiding. I frequently joke that my best friend should tell me about my system, since most of the alters seem to introduce themselves to him first. Poor love has gotten some really strange emails and letters.

Those are the Major Adult Players (L really did coin a great phrase there!). To keep this post a mere novella, I’ll stop here and describe the teens and kids in a separate post very soon to follow.


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