Slippery Slopes…

Over the past year, I gained weight. 2006 was horrendous, and I think I spent 2007 recovering behind my back. Everyone kept telling me that, based on all the crap that happened in ’06, I would have to take time off. Looking back at it from this year, I realise that I *did* take time off. Unfortunately, that did not help me physically.

Right. Back to the weight gain issue.

Several years ago I had the exact opposite problem. I was bulimic and wreaking all sorts of havoc on myself. Today I realised that a daily Slim Fast to supplement my daily 3-mile walks might not be the healthiest diet plan. In an attempt to remedy that problem, I had dinner tonight. Actual dinner. That lasted about two hours, and the guilt became so strong that I did the purging thing. To state the obvious, this is not good.

No clue what to do from here. L has been telling me for weeks that I should choose foods based on how they taste going down *and* how they feel coming up. I thought he was only joking, but he might have actually been gently nudging me towards this conclusion. At least now that I know what’s going on I can have a sort of internal round table and work this out before it gets really out of hand.


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