The Monty Python troupe have an absolutely hilarious sketch on the subject of the food. I have what I hope is a decently funny comment on the emails.

Every week I save the best spam subject lines for my best friend to see. Some of them are hysterical. Most of them want me to increase the size and/or performance of various body parts, some of which I don’t have. A few, though, have asked questions I can’t answer. For instance, I don’t know whether I need a blz!p (last week’s winner of Most Original Subject). If I do need one, however, I know exactly where to find it.

Then there are questions like the one I got today– ‘Can you use a phone?’

I wonder, are the spammers lonely? Do they wish to be phoned up by the people they’re spamming? If so, I definitely have words for them.


2 thoughts on “Spam

  1. spam emails can be so annoying. now i might want to look at them differently – as we might save them for a week and find the “worst/funniest” one.

    i think the spammers are very lonely and they need to do something. thank you for this post.

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