Triumphant? Return

I’m peeking my head ever so slightly out of the sand again.  One of the stronger internal folk has done the day-to-day interactions since I went inside a few days ago, and I’m very tentatively becoming more involved in things again.  At least it was a very short time this go round.  I’m at a point in my life, too, where there are external people I can almost always be present around, so I miss less.  When I’m around these people I can relax and catch up on whatever I’ve missed while ‘away.’

In any event, I’m back now and attempting to put into place the strategy a few of us worked out while I was inside.  I’ve been trying for most of my life to get myself to a safer environment, and it’s frustrating for me and those who’ve tried to help me that I always end up back at square one.  I’d say ‘all things in time,’ but I promised myself I’d scream at the next person who told me that.  And it always looks odd when I scream at myself.  😉

Good to be back.


One thought on “Triumphant? Return

  1. good to see you are back and it sounds like the time “away” was for some good. it is good to have a few external people to update you on what has happened while you weren’t present.

    just so you know – i did do a post on email spam. just thought you would like to know and the possible subject.

    take care of yourself over the next few days…

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