The Things They Say

They tell me no one will ever care for me the way they do.  I say if that’s the case, I’d rather be lonely.  They say it is my duty, part of my family’s heritage, for me to keep things going as they have for all these years.  I say I’d rather be called a quitter.  They say time will be ending, everything will be over.  I say anyone who creates multiplicity should know time is merely a concept.  They say I should be afraid of them.  I say it’s ok for me to recognise my fear as long as I don’t let it stop me.  They say only they can protect me.  I say it’s ok to feel unprotected until I can trust in my safety.  They say they have created me, that I owe everything I have, everything I am to them.  I say they can take everything I have, but they will still be unable to get to the very centre of me.  They say I am weak without them.  I say weakness is only something we allow ourselves to feel.  They say everything is futile in the end.  I say futility is an invitation to challenge.  They say there’s no such thing as a better life, that no one will ever love and protect me like they do.  I say my mind only has to focus on the people I love to know that isn’t true.  They say I am theirs, that I don’t even belong to myself.  I say there’s never been a greater lie.

They say I’m really nothing, and yet I still say.  I make my voice heard.


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