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Some bloody idiot is stealing things from my blog and posting them on his site.  He’s not a blog scraper, as his site contains no advertisements.  He has yet to credit me as the writer for these posts, though, even though he pastes a large portion of my posts on his site.  In all fairness to him, he does provide a link to my site.  However, at the beginning of the post he cites the wrong author and lists the wrong web address.

That said, I’ve blocked pingbacks and trackbacks.  My apologies for the inconvenience to those of you who have been linking to my blog legitimately.  One idiot can ruin a good thing for many people.  I *think* my blog will still be linked to your blogrolls at least.  I’ll post this in the categories from which most of the links to my site are taken.

So for you, lovely person who runs thementalhealthsite, thanks for all of your help in making this decision.


11 thoughts on “Pingbacks and Trackbacks

  1. Hi englishrain

    I had a similar problem a couple months ago. Some guy stole one of my posts in its entirety and presented it as his own. Interestingly, he even ADDED HIS OWN MISSPELLINGS to it. Bizarre.

    I left two comments over a week or so stating he stole my content and I got no reply. Since he was also a wordpress blog, I was able to use WordPress’s copyright infringement processes and his blog was taken down in 2 days.

    That was really cool. But if it is not wordpress, it is much harder to get retribution.

    You can add a comment to his site that it is stolen material. If the site accepts all comments, it might be posted.

    I could suggest other things you might do, but that would be suggesting somewhat inappropriate behavior…but I think you know where I am going with this!

    Good luck!


  2. Hi Emily,

    Thanks for your suggestions. And believe me, the inappropriate behavior did in fact cross my mind. 🙂
    I *think* it is a wordpress blog (the design says something about wordpress ads) so I’ll continue along that path. What’s odd is that he isn’t taking credit. Apparently I’ve morphed into thehappywiccan and then into some guy called Scott. I’m talented you know.

    Here’s to keeping our blogs as our own.

  3. How did you know? How did you find this out. That concerns me. I think I’m doing such a good thing in helping to educate people about DID, and if someone was stealing that from me, I would be really upset.
    ~Secret Shadows

  4. Secret Shadows– his stuff got caught in the standard WordPress spam catcher. Unfortunately, even though I’ve blocked trackbacks and pingbacks, I just found out he’s stolen another one of my posts today. The site is

    I’m doing everything I can to wreak havoc. Sodding blog thieves.

  5. What are pingbacks and trackbacks and how to you block them. Sorry, I’m very knew to blogging. This is my first blog started a few weeks ago.

  6. Don’t worry about asking questions– I just started this blog (my first) in February and had no idea what I was doing then. 🙂 My apologies, too, if I upset you terribly on this subject. Pingbacks and trackbacks, in my experience, are typically legit. They’re just a way to let you know when other blogs link to yours.

    To block them, click on ‘settings’ on your dashboard. Then click ‘discussion.’ You’ll see an option there.

  7. He just stole one of my posts. I blind copied you on an email I sent to his service provider…you can steal those addresses. You get that information by clicking on his IP address in the comment (I found it in the spam filter as well). That takes you to WHOIS, a global service that shows where a site is located and who the responsible parties are for the site.

    I think it might be, but I don’t know. I would still try the wordpress copyright thing anyway. It might work.


  8. How do you guys check to make sure thats not happening with your stuff? Im new to blogging also and would like to find out.

  9. johnnamusing– I usually find these things in my spam filter. Sometimes they’re listed as incoming links as well. You can click on the links to bring up the other person’s site and get information about it from there. Some of the other comments on this post list some very effective courses of action to take if one of your posts gets stolen, and WordPress has some standard information as well (in the FAQ on the help page). I’m happy to say nothing has been stolen from my blog in quite some time now, so maybe causing enough of an upset with the thief and the host of his site worked.

    If I can help at all, you’re welcome to contact be privately as well. Best of luck, and happy blogging!

  10. way to go . It’s a bloody shame with all the work you put in your site an someone comes along an rips even bits n pieces ..let alone the whole thing ..everyone has there own style an position . I have been thinking of your copyscape
    looks like a great idea …
    cheers to ya ! Dirtdog

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