Blog Thieves

Even though I blocked pingbacks and trackbacks, the excuse for a human who is stealing my posts is still managing to get them.  The website is and a quick search round the Internet shows that *many* people are having problems with these idiots.  The blog links to another site–  I used the contact information from that site to write a somewhat scathing request to have my posts removed.  Also, I contacted the advertising service that is sponsoring that page.  The service might or might not regulate this, so I was perfectly civil with them.

To see if any of your posts have been stolen by thehealthsite, open and type in the titles of relevant posts you’ve written (things about mental health, abuse, etc.)  Typing in your user name won’t help, as the thieves do not credit the correct authors.

I’ll keep everyone in the DID loop posted on this subject, and if you’re having trouble with this as well, feel free to email me using the ‘contact me’ link above my categories list or to leave a comment on the blog.

In case it isn’t obvious, I’m incredibly angry.  Those of us who write in the DID tag are trying to help others coping with similar issues, and stealing from our efforts is wrong in every possible way.


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