Resolution(?) of Blog Thieves

I managed to track down one of the people who runs the automated blog that scraped some of my posts, and I will say she was much more pleasant to me than I was to her.  This issue really got up my nose, and since it seems to be getting up the collectives noses of rather alot of us, I wanted to address some other issues involved.

In all fairness, as I pointed out in my first post on this subject, a direct link to my site was provided.  However, some of the posts appeared more than once on the same automated blog, listed on different dates with different (and incorrect) authors and blog titles.

Also, as the person with whom I exchanged emails pointed out, the Internet is not exactly a private place.  She suggested that I should remember that when posting private information.  Her point is absolutely valid.  However, it’s not quite the issue we’re dancing about with here.  I have purposely maintained a high degree of anonymity in writing here.  Of course those who know me in ‘real life’ know the details behind my posts, but aside from those readers, most people who visit this site couldn’t quite pick out identifying details.  I have certainly covered some very personal subjects, which is why I’m so territorial about my writing.  I write posts on difficult and personal subjects in hopes of helping others who happen upon my blog.  Happen upon *my* blog, not some random automated service that can’t even file posts correctly.

I just wanted to be absolutely clear on the circumstances surrounding my plight so that the argument remains as fair as possible on both sides.  That said, I was told that my posts would be taken down in 24 hours.  My guess is that won’t stop the bloody automated blog from picking up more of my work, but we’ll save that one for another time…


One thought on “Resolution(?) of Blog Thieves

  1. Passing through your pages I surely can identify with you . in all the crapolies i go thru finding interesting read is difficult in these day’s of total dribblings …you certainly have great style in your rants an ravings etc. …Hail to the I have found one who indeed has the box seat of insanity and associations ….just thought i would let you know I may be adding your site link to mine in the watching category .
    great work n by the way have a great day .

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