Sinking In

This is a short but important post.  I’ve spent this week in the place I fully intend to call home soon, but the internal voices and external influences have been trying to pollute all of it.  More on that in another post.

Tonight, as I drove from my friends’ house to the extended stay place I’m currently calling home, it sunk in.  I was driving from one place that felt safe and happy to another place that feels safe and happy.  I’ve made alot of contacts as far as job hunting goes, but more than anything else I’ve learned alot on this trip about myself (plural) and my perceptions of the world.  The magic wand has not been waved, and I have not been relieved of all my problems.  There is, of course, no magic solution.

Tonight, though, driving the bit back to my hotel from my friends’ house, I felt safe and happy.  There was a warmth inside I hadn’t felt in a long time, and I smiled.  Regardless, that has to count for something.


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