*Really* Interior Decorating

My internal world is incredibly detailed, and the more I learn about its structure, the more curious I become about the structures of other people’s systems. For me, The SRA stuff led to the creation of more than one system, which isn’t particularly uncommon in people with that background.  I’m quite familiar with the main system by now, but for the most part, I’m not at all clued in to the arrangement of the others.

The main system is organised like a town.  There’s the house where everyone lives and the cave where the children go when they need to escape, but there are also streets and shops.  I think that’s odd, but it caters to things my internal folk like.  Mairead, for instance, *loves* music and spends quite alot of time in the record shop.  Kathy loves to read, so she’s often in the bookshop.  I know the streets lead to paths between systems, but I don’t know the map of them.  There’s also a school, a park, and a lake area.

What’s *really* funny about all of this is that it seems to actually operate like a normal town.  I’ve seen Mairead stomping with the sort of anger only teens are capable of when she’s gone to the record shop and found it shut.  Mind you, I’ve never seen any shopkeepers.  L is probably behind it.  🙂

The internal town doesn’t match the layout of any outside town I know of, so it’s simply mine– my little world I created and visited when things outside got too bad.  I think that’s probably *why* it’s so detailed.  It’s truly like its own world.  For me, there was the outside world and the underground (still external) cult world.  I was constantly being shoved in and out of both.  Sometimes I felt confused as to which was normal society.  Perhaps creating an internal world that was set up like the nicer version of the external world is what I needed to get through things.  In any event, it’s still a place where I can go to escape, and at least for now, I’d miss it if it were gone.

If you’re comfortable answering this question, how is your system set up?


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