Feeling Disconnected

Ever feel like you truly have stepped outside of time and are existing in some sort of bizarre dimension?  That’s how I feel today.  I feel very disconnected from myself and my life overall.  This sense of isolation is happening more and more lately, and that can’t be a good sign.  It’s not a feeling of abandonment or anything like that– more like I feel as though *I* have abandoned the important people in my life by travelling in to this sort of void the prevents me interacting with them.

The best strategy I’ve found in helping myself with this is to surround myself as much as possible with reminders.  I text message my best friend constantly and email some in my out-of-town FOC.  I go back and read old journal entries describing the fun times I’ve had with the people I’m closest to.  Anything to remind me that they really are out there and that the safe places I’ve found do exist outside of my mind.  Maybe I’m afraid that I’ll eventually learn the external safe places are merely creations of my mind as well.  It’s not a pleasant thought, nor is it a pleasant feeling.


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