Strange Fears

Today I saw a show on television where the main character was afraid of milk.  Last night, an article I read in People Magazing recently featured a woman who was afraid of bananas and a man who was terrified of a cartoon icon.  Spiders just aren’t good enough anymore, are they?  🙂

Just to add my own to the list, I have a great fear of being killed by a train.  Not *in* a train, mind you.  I’m afraid that a train will hit a vehicle that I’m driving or riding in.  I’m sure this happens more frequently than I care to know, but it’s still an odd fear.  The strangest, though, is that I’m terrified of anything mouldy.  When I was living on my own two years ago I found a loaf of mouldy bread in my pantry.  My best friend, always a dear man, had to come over, put the bread in a bag so that I couldn’t see it and then carry it to the bin outside.  After that, I had to examine the pantry very careful with quite alot of light in order to make *sure* no traces of the bread remained.  And of course everything on that shelf had to be checked as well.  Just a slight fear.

What are your strange fears?


3 thoughts on “Strange Fears

  1. I don’t really have any strange fears. Most of my fears are the obvious ones (falling, being buried alive, pigeons, etc). But I do know someone who’s scared of cheese – apparently it’s something to do with the sweatiness…?

  2. Funny I was thinking again about strange fears the other day. I have rather common ones I guess…elevators (getting better), bridges, those creepy people in make up you see at circuses (I can’t even say the word or I start thinking about it and get all worked up).

    My strange one maybe is a fear of deli’s … at least in my hometown. I don’t know maybe it’s not that weird, given one of my perps used to work in one.

    I play the “what if” game quite a lot, slowly getting better at not doing that but…still sometimes it strikes me.

  3. Laura– cheese is one I hadn’t heard before. Lovely. I always wonder how these fears got formed, but sometimes that answer is a bit difficult.

    Annenco– I get in to that bloody ‘what if’ game often as well. I *think* it’s part of PTSD. Glad you’re getting better with that and some of your other fears.

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