Loose Translations

In the years since I moved to America, I’ve made some interesting language blunders.  Every expat I’ve talked to has a ‘knock me up’ story, for instance.  Over the weekend I mentioned to my best friend that Americans don’t drive on the tarmac, nor do they walk on pavements (preferring sidewalks).  They also don’t put rubbers on their pencils (unless there’s something really strange going on, but I digress…)  None of that is absolute.  There are plenty of variances in English across the UK and Ireland, and many Americans would know what I meant by all of the terms above.  Even if Americans do wear fanny packs.  That one still makes me laugh.  🙂

For those of you living in countries other than your native, what differences have you found in terminology?  I don’t mean strictly British to American.  Dialect blunders are hilarious regardless.  Let’s hear some of yours!


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