My mind is on overload, and for once, it isn’t trauma stuff.  Fortunately or unfortunately, life stuff is taking over for now.  I say fortunately for obvious reasons.  The unfortunate part is that I might very well be burying myself in school work to avoid dealing with those nagging little issues of grief and trauma.

I don’t care.  🙂

Really, it is a sort of welcome break.  People with DID (I’ve discovered I don’t like the term ‘multiples’) have a unique ability to put emotional stuff on pause for a bit.  The downside to all of this is my insomnia has returned and is making known its anger at being pushed away.  Bloody sleep.  I’ve found myself staying awake to avoid nightmares, then having them anyway when I finally *do* fall asleep.  It’s like, no matter how exhausted I feel when I fall in to bed, the things I’ve not been paying attention all day pop up for a visit.  Fun.

Otherwise, there isn’t a great lot going on in my life right now.  I’m trying to figure out how to balance looking for work, the part-time stuff I am doing, following up on job prospects, and school.  Not difficult at all, you know.

I’ve always heard consistency is good, though.


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