High Times

I haven’t been half bitter in my oblivion these days, and Mairead is having a great deal of fun with that.  A few weeks ago we heard very loud music coming from her room.  When I pointedly asked her to turn down the music, she leaned out of her door and screamed ‘PARTY!!!!’.

As I’ve mentioned before, both Mairead and I are die-hard Del Amitri fans.  ‘High Times’ is a song from their album ‘Some Other Sucker’s Parade.’  I can’t say it’s one of my favourites, but as Mairead pointed out, it has the sort of disillusionment that we’ve been feeling lately.  I like the start of the second verse: ‘Little snow white, she was hungry.  Told to go out and grab for it.  At the end of the rainbow, she was mind blown, to be staring at a crock of sh*t.’  Perfect.  I guess those Scots know bitterness.  🙂

On a more serious note, music is powerful.  It’s amazing how lyrics penned by complete strangers sometimes seem as though they were written about your own life.


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