Awen has a real issue with drowning.  I mean, I’m sure no one quite fancies the idea, but it’s truly a problem with her.  Lately it’s shown up in my feeling as though I’m suffocating through merely drinking water.  When the water hits my lips, it’s like someone pulls a stopper over my nose, and I feel choked.  It’s not particularly pleasant.  I don’t recall any specific reason that she would be afraid of drowning, but I’m sure it’s another one of those lovely bits I’ll see when I’m ready.  Or at least when the insiders *think* I’m ready.

Rain isn’t a problem.  Rivers aren’t a problem.  Lakes, on the other hand, are almost impossible to be near.  I get an image of her being pulled towards a lake by the legs and attempting to hang on to the ground’s edge with bloodied hands.  Again, not particularly pleasant.  There was a lake round one of the areas where we dealt with cult issues, but I truly do not remember *anything* regarding that lake.  And even as I type this, I want to laugh out loud.  The mere fact that I remember nothing probably means there’s something to remember.


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