American Royalty

I realise this post could generate some ‘interesting’ responses, but as this is my blog and this country has that nifty freedom of speech bit, I’m writing it anyway.

Bill Clinton should be made king.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and even though it sounds rather extreme, I think it’s a good idea.  My mother and I had only been in America a short time when Clinton’s term ended.  However, given the Lewinsky scandal, we’d heard rather alot about him.  Bearing in mind that sexual issues of any kind have *nothing* to do with his merit as a government leader– most of them would be tossed out on their ears if that was one of the qualifying factors– let’s examine some of his actions.

The first one is that not only did he balance the budget, but he created a surplus.  Eight years later, he must be wondering what happened to his country.  He’s probably crying at the thought of all of his work being that thoroughly undone.  He also worked on the issue of healthcare.  No, there was no great reform, but at least he had *something* in mind.  At least he was willing to *look* at the issue.  And he, along with his wife, did go far to help with children’s healthcare.  Once again, at least it’s action.  There’s more, but to be honest, I don’t feel like going on a political rant entirely at the moment, and those are the two issues that impressed me most.

Did I mention he balanced the budget?

All of that said, I truly would support a movement to make Mr Clinton king.  Or at least something along those lines.  The title doesn’t matter.


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