A Halloween Update

Lily enjoyed Halloween!  I’m incredibly excited about this, as it’s the first time she’s ever got through it without being afraid.  Early on, she decided she wanted to be a cat.  I was worried about that, and really surprised that she wanted to dress up or was even considering being a part of any of this.  Nevertheless, we bought a package of crème make-up, ears, and a tail, making a cheap costume that an adult with an inner 4-year-old could wear.

My best friend and his family have accepted me as part of their family, and I’m very fortunate for that.  He has a nephew, aged ten, and we went trick-or-treating with him.  We had never been trick-or-treating before (it isn’t particularly popular in the Halloween sra ceremonies).  What a lovely concept!  Best Friend’s nephew dressed up as a baseball player, and he was absolutely adorable.  We walked about a neighbourhood that was apparently *the* spot for Halloween celebrations.  There were so many children in costumes!  It was hilarious, and some of the big peoples, as Lily would call them, were dressed up too.  My best friend dressed in St Patrick’s day attire, dubbing himself someone who was celebrating the wrong holiday.  I thought that was really clever, and the three (outside at least) of us had a really great time.

What struck me most is that these families were doing something together.  Yes, children with loads of candy isn’t the greatest situation, but they were with their families, or at least with people who cared enough about them to take them out and help them have fun that night.  If you think about it, it’s really a nice tradition.

And I am so proud of Lily!


3 thoughts on “A Halloween Update

  1. I am very happy that you and Lily had a wonderful time trick-or-treating with the nephew and me. I hope this will give her a happy memory of Halloween. Candy is always a good thing!

    Yes, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the caveman. Ugh! and Ughlet! are not happy with what they saw, but they realized that Cavemen in their true form would be too much awesomeness for most people. Thus, they will leave that for USF! and myself…being that I’m not a part of USF!

    Thank you for coming with us. The cat costume was purrrfect.

  2. You should have seen Lily pondering your statement about the cavemen. She finally came to the conclusion that you were right, and, in my words, the world just isn’t ready for Ugh! and Ughlet! And she was so serious about it!

    Btw, it’s bad enough that you make me listen to bad puns in person… 😉

  3. Cavemen are a serious issue. At least, that’s what I hear.

    Btw, you know you can’t get enough bad puns. Reading them just enhances their awesome quality.

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