The Cracked Up Almost Weekend So Far

I should be cracking up.  Time is passing much quicker than I’d like, and *things* are ever-approaching.  I must have slipped in to delicious delirium, though.  It’s almost funny.  I’m working towards an end goal academically, realising that I haven’t got enough time to finish everything, and pressing on regardless.  I’m even taking time to breathe.  Whether or not bipolar is a valid dx for me, the stress and lack of sleep magnifies the symptoms quite alot.  And I get cranky alters.

Perhaps I won’t score as high as I would have liked, but one thing I’m slowly and painstakingly learning is that something less than perfection is acceptable sometimes.  Where was this sense of delirium when I was sitting for A-levels all those years ago?  🙂

Here’s to shirking responsibilities for a while.


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