Polar Night

I came across that phrase earlier today and was instantly fascinated.  It sounded like a New Age band, but I knew it was geological.  Polar night is actually the term used to describe the odd phenomenon where the sun drops below the horizon for more than 24 hours.  Not surprisingly, given the name, this occurs in polar circles.  In Barrow, Alaska, United States, the sun goes down on 18-19 November and doesn’t rise again until late January.  The winter solstice sees only about 3 hours of daylight.

Polar night.  It seems a very appropriate phrase for this time of year for many of us with SRA backgrounds.  Sometimes I feel like I’m existing in a sort of polar night, something dark and mysterious that lasts a long time.  An element of danger, even.  I’ll bet the brief bits of light shining on the Alaskan ice makes a stunning sight.  It would, I’m sure, be a completely different world.  I’m not so sure it would be completely different from the underground cult compounds, though.  Cult members sometimes hold high positions in the real world.  They are frequently upstanding citizens with perfect-appearing families, nice jobs, and all the ‘normal’ characteristics you’d expect from the average person.  Beautiful on the outside, dark and dangerous inside.  A long-time night.

Hope, though, is remembering that not long after polar night comes the midnight sun.


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