Ain’t Superstitious

Excellent song by the Jeff Beck Group.  I highly recommend it.

But on to the actual content of this post…

I never thought of myself as superstitious.  In fact, I’ve always commented on how silly superstition is.  Apparently, though, I’ve become superstitious behind my back.

On Wednesday night I had dinner plans with a friend.  We met up at the University, and she drove me to the spot where my car was parked, as it was completely across campus and the night was cold and windy.  I explained that the reason I was in that particular car park is because nothing bad had ever happened to me when I stopped there.  I have bad situations attached to other Uni car parks, absolutely none of which involve anything remotely related to cars or crime of any sort.  And, what makes it even better is my parking on a certain row facing a certain direction.  Days *really* go well when I park in those spots.

Don’t worry, though.  I ain’t superstitious.  🙂


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