All Is Well

The Vatican has forgiven John Lennon for his little blunder from about 40 years ago.  Read the article here.

Now Lennon’s soul can finally make that last round through the karmic wheel. (Btw, that’s sarcasm.)


2 thoughts on “All Is Well

  1. Wow. I am quite surprised at this. This article itself is a little dismissive. Personally, I really like John Lennon – I think he was brilliant – and I was pretty upset when he was killed. Now, there was a lot that surrounded the whole music phenomenon, and some of that is pretty strange to me and I don’t subscribe to a lot of it (quite BS), but as a musician…. another story.

  2. Agreed completely. Lennon was an *amazing* musician. I thought the article was a bit patronising– what difference does their ‘forgiveness’ make now? I don’t think the world at large was at unrest because of their opinion. It is rather amusing to guess at what Lennon might have said in response, though. 🙂

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