The Triggered Week So Far

I’ve been attempting to keep my head in its little sand hole for the most part, as the news is extremely triggering for me right now.  What really unnerves me is that I keep running straight in to triggers in completely unexpected places.  From astrological signs to WMD reports, the news reads like one of my nightmares.  It’s hard to stay present at the moment, and I’m beginning to think ducking out of things for a bit is best.  I try not to dissociate to the point that I lose co-consciousness when things get this difficult, but even that seems like a good idea at the moment.  My personal mantras are going through my head, and I’m clinging to things like that and whatever else I can to stay connected to my life.  Sometimes, as I’m sure most other dissociatives will understand, it’s just safer to go inside for a bit and separate yourself from the world until you can gather the strength you need to keep from being a danger to yourself or a target for others.

Blah.  Triggers bad.  Safety good.  I wish the whole issue was as simply as that.


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