DID and Relationships

There is a possibility that I might start dating someone soon, which is new.  I’ve had one great relationship in my life, and no other will likely come close to it.  I’ve had some relatively crummy ‘relationships’ since.  This, however, has the *potential* to be a real relationship, although it is currently in the very early stages.  That led me to some questions I hadn’t considered quite yet.  You, dear readers, must have some experience with this particular issue.  Let me know, please.

How do you approach the concept of DID with a significant other?  *When* do you approach it?  It’s not exactly something I’d use as an icebreaker.  However, it’s definitely something a potentially serious significant other should know early.  It’s only fair, in my opinion, that the subject should come up early enough that both parties have a chance to duck out of the relationship, if necessary, before it goes further.  I’m sure there will be many more questions that pop up should this chatting up bit get more serious, but for now, those are my fundamental issues.

Relationships are tricky enough for singletons.  This added dimension makes it only slightly more complicated.



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