Positive Changes

Saturday I made up my mind to at least *pretend* to be happy.  As is frequently the case, the pretence eventually became an actual feeling.  No, it wasn’t pure and cloudless happiness.  It was much better than anything else I’ve felt lately, though, and it stuck around through Sunday.  I know it’s not the end of the storm, but at least the rain has stopped for now.

Starting the new blog has already been helpful.  It lends a time and place for grief, and that has somehow helped me feel a bit less confined.  It’s also a great outlet.

I’ve also made some changes to improve my physical health.  After checking with my neurologist due to a tricky little condition I have, I returned to my vegetarian semi-roots.  For several years before moving to America, I had been vegetarian.  For whatever reason, I started eating meat again soon after coming here.  For me, the decision doesn’t involve a sense of morality, and I certainly don’t have a problem with other people eating meat.  It’s a personal choice.  I simply feel better physically when I eliminate meat from my diet.  Mairead, who had taken to asking me if I was enjoying cooked flesh, is happy as well.  Alters.  🙂

Here’s a link for information on vegetarian diets.  As with any major changes to your physical lifestyle, it’s best to ask a doctor first.

And finally, I’ve managed to start organising things a bit better.  Since I’m thinking a bit clearer these days, I’ve been able to put my bills in order just slightly.  There still isn’t enough money for me to *pay* every bill every month, but at least I know what I’m facing.  Perhaps the never-ending job search, which is also much more focused these days, will end in decent employment soon.  Working from odd job to odd job gets old after a very short while.

On Thursday, we meet the new therapist for the very first time.  I’m really trying to stay active and positive this week.  Hopefully, that will transfer straight on to the therapy session as well.

Here’s to positive changes.


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