My Operating System Froze

Usually, that phrase is used in terms of computer software.  In multiplicity, I suppose it could stand for system-wide strife.  In this case, however, I mean it almost literally.  I got a bit stuck in the recent ice storm and have been unable to write for the blog in quite some time.  Now, I’m safely tucked away at my FOC’s house a thousand miles away from the Southern American Tundra and happily typing away.

Hmm…updates then.  Our area is slowly starting to recover from the damage caused by the ice.  We’re still without power at my house, and I’m hoping that will be remedied by the time I return on Thursday.  My local friends do have power now, so things really are getting better.  It was quite the mess!  I must say, though, I’m proud of the way the communities worked together to get through a really difficult time.

The meeting with the new therapist, which has almost worked round to a second meeting by this time, went reasonably well.  I remain cautiously optimistic.  I made the mistake of telling her in a very forthright manner that there was sexual trauma in my past.  I say mistake because the ramifications have been a bit far-reaching.  Even here,with my FOC, I’m feeling quite in danger.  Logically, I *know* there is no danger.  However, some rather interesting flashbacks involving that ‘r’ word I still can’t say, have left me feeling incredibly self-conscious and unsettled.  Never one to relax, you know.

My sister-of-choice and I are planning to visit the shore on Tuesday with her biological sister.  Absolutely everyone is looking forward to that.  We *love* being near the ocean.  It’s so calming and puts everything in to perspective.  Everything, us included, seems small against something that majestic.  It makes me feel like my past isn’t so all-consuming after all.

On Wednesday, I’ll board a Greyhound bus for the 20+ hour ride back, an interesting experience in itself.  Perhaps I’ll even post a few bus stories.  It’s truly a different, and typically hysterical, world.

Best to all of my readers!  I’ll try to remain in the blogging world a bit more often now that we’re nearly dug out of the ice.


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