I hate dieting.  There is absolutely no way to dress up that phrase.  You’d think I’d love it by now with all the creative (and colossally useless) methods I’ve tried.  I am happy to say that bulimia is something I’ve put behind me.  My teeth are happy about that, too.  Now I’m just trying to keep myself from getting so irritated with dieting that I give up the entire practice.

Meds are working against me.  Gender is working against me.  Psychology in general is working against me.  However, I accept my responsibility to follow a safe and practical diet plan.  I just can’t seem to get it together enough to actually carry through with such a plan.  Fun, no?

Nothing spectacular to report.  I’m just frustrated and venting to the world on a subject that few people enjoy. 

Did I mention I hate dieting? 


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