More Natural Grace

I have multiple sclerosis.  I also have stress.  The two do not work well together.

This morning, after I pulled myself out of my current bout of depression enough to get out of bed, I was treated to a whole host of MS symptoms.  Really bad dizziness caused nausea.  The requisite blurry vision came with the dizziness as well.  Last week, after I decided to ignore the symptoms of an oncoming relapse and wash my car, I had double vision.  I don’t know why, but that scares me more than the blurring.

Then there are the  tremors.  I play piano and guitar, but right now my sodding hands are trembling so much I’m having to take small breaks in writing this post.  Still, I am *very* fortunate to have the relapsing-remitting type of MS.  Yes, I’ve had it long enough now that I’m starting to see some permanent issues, but I still have times when I feel relatively fine.

Next Tuesday is my annual ‘poke at englishrain’s brain’ appointment (aka the specialists are going to pry about in there).  Two weeks ago I had an MRI, and the results await me.  I’m hoping the more pronounced symptoms of late are related to stress and not new lesions.  Some of the treatments we’ve tried in the past have been worse than the symptoms.

Wish me luck.


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