I’ve just had a phone call from my therapist’s office.  The last time I saw her, I had been having incredibly intense  flashbacks, so she said she wasn’t comfortable waiting any longer than two weeks to have me back in.  Naturally, then, something came up and she had to cancel the session.

That’s quite understandable.  Things *do* come up.  Therapists have lives, afterall.  What really gets up my nose is the organisation for which she works.  They overload their therapists so much that any change in scheduling turns in to a disaster.  The earliest available appointment was 22 April.  Five weeks later than my last appointment.

Good thing I haven’t been suicidal lately… oh wait, I have.

There’s no question that, if I phoned the clinic feeling suicidal, someone would see me immediately.  I just think having therapy sessions less than five weeks apart is not an unreasonable request.

Now everyone is in a mad panic.  This is the third therapist we’ve worked with from this clinic.  It’s subsidised, and for financial reasons, I can’t afford to see someone outside of that system.  We were told the therapist had been to the doctor and was advised not to come in tomorrow.  Everyone’s thoughts are scattered now.  We’re hoping, for her and us, that she isn’t very sick.  We’ve only seen her a few times, but the hard work of therapy has already started, and everyone likes her.  Switching to another therapist would be catastrophic.  Why bother starting the work when we’ll only be shuffled about from therapist to therapist as we’ve been so far?  Bloody healthcare system.  I wonder who it’s designed to help.  It’s certainly not the patients.


2 thoughts on “ARGH!!

  1. I am very sorry to hear of this. I can’t even imagine that. I go much more frequently, and with the absolute chaos in my life right now, I need every single session I can get just to balance my own precarious existence along with my interactions with the real world. If I were in your boat I would be much worse off than I am now, as I can see specific measurable improvements every few weeks lately. (But hey, when you are really down, the steps up can be huge!) Yes, the system is not designed to help us. I am very lucky to have amazing benefits but I know they are not going to last so I am trying to get all that I can now.

    I am sending you hugs and hoping you can somehow gain some more solid ground but consolidating the internal turmoil. But I know that it hard to do.


    • Camigwen/Emily– First off, congratulations on the improvements you’ve seen! Huge or small, every step you take is one more towards reclaiming your life. My best to you.

      My sessions, because the clinic is subsidised, only cost $5 USD. I certainly can’t complain about that. However, I wonder sometimes if it’s worth *anything,* really. Working on the difficult topics is almost impossible when the sessions are so far apart. By the time the next sessions comes round, I’ve either waded through whatever difficult situation I was in or forgot the purpose of the previous session. It’s unnerving. Thanks very much for your hugs and wishes. They mean alot, the support we get from the Internet community.

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