A Must Read for Significant Others

I wanted to take a minute once again to recognise the brilliant work my dear friend and brother-of-choice did in writing The Significant Other’s Guide to Dissociative Identity Disorder.  Having found himself in a committed relationship with a multiple (who is now his lovely wife), his purpose was to create a resource that had not been available to him– a manual to help others dealing with the steep learning curve that is learning to live with DID.  Many years after he wrote the Manual, people are still finding it and being helped by it.  It is written in his characteristic tone of both humour and hope, making it one of those works on a topic in psychology that you actually *want* to read.

So many books on DID read like research guides, clear as London fog.  The SO’s Guide, on the other hand, is an amazing resource that I recommend to anyone facing the challenge of living with a dissociative, because it *is* a challenge.  It’s also very rewarding and fulfilling.  I remember well both sides of that coin in living with my DID mother.

That’s another thing worth mentioning– the SO Guide, while geared towards romantic relationships, is very helpful for SO’s in any type of relationship with a multiple.  I was 19 when I first read the Manual, and even though my mother has been dead for several years now, I go back and re-read sections that are just as pertinent as they were then.

If you’re in a relationship with someone who has DID, the SO guide is a must read.  And a must re-read.

To its writer– thanks so much for your hard work.  I’m sure many more people than you could ever know have been helped by the Manual.  It is truly your legacy and will continue to be one of the greatest works out there on DID.


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