How’d You Find Me?

I’ve hesitated to write this post for some time in fear that I might insult somebody.  However, things are just getting too good to keep to myself.  Some of the search terms people use to find this blog are *hilarious.*  I think my all time favourite is ‘Big Frank Dickenson.’

Today’s best is ‘my thoughts are scattered.’  Yes, I can see how that would lead to the blog.  It’s still a rather funny search, though.  Makes me wonder what other results popped up.  Then there are the ones that make me question the person’s sanity– ‘Simon and Garfunkel satanic symbols’ for example.  Again, I know those are relevant terms, but the combination is hysterical.  Others in the Search Term Hall of Fame are ‘wild and wacky kids,’ ‘blogs about thinking,’ and ‘dissociative music.’

I certainly hope the people who find this blog enjoy their stay.  Sometimes, though, I hope they don’t find what they were orginally looking for.

So there, search engines.  Have fun with *this* post.  🙂


4 thoughts on “How’d You Find Me?

  1. I think it’s funny when I look in my blog stats and see what people search. It does make me wonder sometimes. 🙂

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