Not So Elegant After All

Every summer, my best friend and I sit at a nearby river park and watch the girls and boys dressed up for high school proms parade around for each other.  Sometimes they take the ‘romantic’ route and have rides in horse-drawn carriages.  Sometimes those monstrosities are even used to carry about families and children.  Horse-drawn carriages are *not* romantic.  They’re absolute hell for the graceful animals involved.

Long before I decided to advocate for PETA, I was disturbed by the sight of horse-drawn carriages.  Let’s look at them with the ‘romance’ removed.  The horses frequently wear blinders to prevent them indulging their natural curiosity.  They wear bags to collect their waste, and they are forced to walk the same path over and over until they get too old or sick for their ‘job,’ all at the hands of humans who unthinkingly enjoy what they’re putting the animal through.  Not only is it pathetic, but it’s a sign of apathy overall.  None of us can afford to be apathetic.  There’s so much bad stuff in the world that we can’t change.  Injustices such as these, we *can* help to change.  We just have to open our eyes to the reality of the situation.

I encourage you to read PETA’s article on horse-drawn carriages and to tell your local governmental officials to stop this horrible tradition once and for all.  The festivities of Spring and Summer will be much more beautiful when no living thing has to suffer for another’s entertainment.


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