Easter Memories

The internal kids got Pooh stickers for Easter this morning, and I’m surprised the squeals of delight were not heard across the country. Pooh is always a good choice. This set had stickers of Eeyore all by himself, which made me think of other Littles I’ve known along the way.

I have a dear friend with an internal child who *loves* Eeyore, and that is a great understatement. She and Meme, my mother’s lovely internal five-year-old, exchanged Eeyores once in a moment I think they both treasured.

This morning, I was thinking of Meme in a very pleasant way. Sometime over the night before Easter, I would sneak in to her room and set an Easter basket where it would be in her sight first thing. It was so much fun to watch her jumping up and down, clapping her little hands, and thanking the Easter bunny for leaving her presents. Those are moments I treasure. Soon after my mother died, someone from my FOC told me to carry memories like these with me, and even though my mother has been gone for five years, those memories still make me smile.

Happy Easter to everyone, inside and out. ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “Easter Memories

  1. That’s so sweet, I’m glad you have that good memory to hold onto.
    Eeyore rules! I just want to kiss him on his nose!

  2. Treasure your happy memories. Delightful.
    I have a precious Eeyore.
    When I’m feeling really anxious and grumpy I take my Eeyore to my therapy sessions. I stroke his soft ears. OOh! and his tail is attached with velcrove (? Spelling) and I love the scratchy sound it makes when I remove it. Lol!

    • Jean– it seems to be the general consensus that Eeyore reigns supreme, *especially* if his tail comes off like that. And I have that on good authority from an incredibly smart internal child who is dear to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Glad you have an Eeyore to help you along the way!

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