Unspoken Victims

PETA’s newest campaign is focused on animals used in military trauma training exercises.  The plight of human torture victims has at least been pushed to the forefront with US President Obama’s recent action against torture as an interrogation method.  Whether that will actually be carried through is beyond my knowledge, but at least it is something brought in to public eye that people might never have considered.  My purpose in posting PETA campaign news is to help spread the word and open people’s eyes to situations that might otherwise go unnoticed.  It’s hard to think about cruelty to people or to animals, but if we’re going to make a difference, we have to learn the facts and fight against them.

That said, PETA’s campaign against animal torture in military training exercises is explained here.  The page also provides a template for an email that you can personalise and send to your government officials.  Sending an email takes five minutes out of your day, but those five minutes can mean survival for hundreds of animals.


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