Weather and SRA

Snow is still falling in the Northeast and Western United States.  What many people probably don’t know is that news like that can be very triggering to those of us with SRA backgrounds.  Many of us will come to the conclusions that it isn’t suppose to snow in Spring, sometimes based only on where *we* live, and will take these late snows as a sign.  I certainly did.  With the help of my best friend and his quick text message to Lily, those fears are under control.  I wanted to post some facts that might help others facing that same kind of fear.

Scott Entrekin, a meteorologist from Colorado, reported that April could be one of the snowiest months in the state (read the entire MSNBC article here.)

A Google search of ‘typical april snow’ brought up several sites, from personal to scientific, that talked about snow in the Midwest during April.  One even mentioned a heavy April snow in Tennessee (Southest US) two years ago!

People in the Northeast, in Connecticut and Rhode Island, for example, are referring to the ‘typical’ issues that come along with April snows.

My point is, while the temps may be above average in some places and below average in others, we aren’t seeing precipitation that is so out of the norm as to send SRA folks ’round the bend.  And I think I’m talking every bit as much to myself as to my readers.  🙂

Serious Note: To all of you in these snowy areas dealing with flooding, power outages, and other hazardous conditions, we’re thinking of you and wishing you well.


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