The Gig’s Up, Boys

Sometimes people think I look specifically for cult-related news and websites.  I don’t particularly *need* to know what is being reported on Joe Bob’s Signs of the Apocalypse Website.  It seems, however, that these things enjoy finding me.  I type in what I *think* are innocuous search terms looking for specific non cult-related information, but I get the little Google blurbs about cult activities, symbols, news, et. c.

So this one’s for you, boys—

Those derecho windstorms that recently swept the US, your latest sign of the apocalypse, have been reported for years.  Nothing new.  And those comets you see, Galileo saw them as well.  Swine flu?  Ever heard of smallpox?  Diphtheria?  Avian flu?  Stupidity-induced illness? (Ok, I haven’t heard of the last one either, but it seemed appropriate.)

And btw, the world was ending when AIDS was first acknowledge.  It was also ending at the turn of the 19th Century to the 20th.  Of course it ended at the turn of this century as well.  We’re living in a delusion, you know.

*Everything* we’re seeing right now has a precedent.  We just have bigger and more sophisticated equipment.

I have no doubt that your lot is powerful.  I have no doubt that you bring rather alot of influence in high places.  However, even if you should achieve your goal of ultimate power (and I also know your money is dwindling when you never thought it would) the world will still not be over.  It is my absolute belief that, just as we’ve done for millenia, the good people of the world will triumph.

So sod off.


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