SRA Therapy with Untrained Therapists

In this post, I talked about working with therapists who don’t believe in DID.  I’ve had a decent amount of success with that.  It’s been my fear all along, though, that SRA programming would rear its ugly head and become a very serious problem.  Now it has.

My therapist and I started examining my thought patterns in detail, and she mentioned that I wore my emotions on my sleeve.  This is new, and in my opinion, not accurate.  I’ve been told many times that it’s hard to pry a single syllable out of me if I’m not in a talking mood.  My silence is my protection.  Her doubting that brought up the guard even more than usual.  I get the feeling that delving in deeper to the way my mind (and therefore my system) works will be dangerous for both me and the therapist.  Because I have some incredibly deep, high-level programming in there, it’s better left alone until a therapist trained in SRA can poke about with it.

Now there’s the question of building our own layer to prevent breaking through in therapy.  Defeats the purpose of CBT, I know, but this is important.  We do not need a cult-loyal protector popping out to say hello in therapy.  Because my finances are dismal at the moment, I can’t afford to see anyone outside of the standardised clinic where I’m going at the moment.  I know with absolute certainty that there are members of the cult I belonged to working within that clinic.  I know as well that they read my file– they’ve commented on it a time or two.  This time, however, the ramifications of getting closer to the cult layers created rather horrific ramifications, both external and internal.  So much for working out some of the more difficult Stuff.

A word of advice to therapists and clients– SRA programming is tricky, and delving in to it without the proper training is really quite dangerous.  CBT might be exactly the catalyst that starts things down that path.  With an SRA therapist this is a great first step.  An SRA therapist will recognise the different layers of programming that unfold.  Someone not trained for that will endanger him- or herself as well as the client.  In the worst possible cases, it could even lead to death.  *Please* be careful when opening up SRA programming.  If you’re a client working with a therapist who doesn’t believe in SRA, please watch yourself for signs that you’re getting closer to layers than you should and do what you need to do to keep everyone safe.  Good luck.


6 thoughts on “SRA Therapy with Untrained Therapists

  1. I want to be careful not to spout advice. I don’t know that my advice would be practical or even wise. I do want to say, though, that healing has to be tied to safety. And if you have other cult members reading your file, this is not safe.

    • You are absolutely right. I’ve had that in the back (or rather the front) of my mind throughout therapy at this clinic and have generally kept to ‘safe’ topics that wouldn’t cause a great deal of upheaval. I am most certainly *not* a member of any cult now. I did manage to get that far out. I am, however, still quite interesting to them for a variety of reasons, hence their reading my file. This last session got too close to areas I shouldn’t work on quite yet, and I’m doing everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen any further. If, in this next session, I see things going toward that I’m going to switch my meds to my regular doctor and avoid the psych clinic altogether. That wasn’t my goal– I went to therapy to heal– but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. I’ll make my way to an SRA therapist eventually, and we’ll move on from there.

    • Not currently. It’s maddening. I live in a very small town, and this is the only subsidised organisation available. I haven’t quite got the money to see someone in private practice. When I get settled in an employment routine and safer place, I can find better resources. Bad time to have very little money. 🙂

  2. How in the world do you find someone with SRA therapy experience…. they are like nowhere to be found in my area. the last guy I saw for a consultation pretended that I never mention SRA. If it’s not real then why do I feel this way, and why do I keep getting these flashes of what “feels like” memories with physical memory.. and ofcourse the other laundry list of things that I have had forever…..

    • Hi fox.

      Sorry it took me so long to approve your comment! I randomly drop out of the blogosphere. 😉


      for help on finding a therapist who works with DID and/or SRA.

      Unfortunately, people with SRA backgrounds are frequently told their memories aren’t real. It’s similar to the crazy-making behaviour many abusers use. Regardless, it is your situation and your memories. You deserve a therapist who will take that seriously. Best to you.

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