One of my earliest memories is very traumatic, but it ended with probably the most beautiful experience I’ll ever have.  I remember being in a room next to one where my brother was being beaten.  I had been thrown out of the room and told that my brother would be killed if I came back in.  So I hid there.  Listening to it was worse than going through it would have been.

At some point, though, the screaming stopped and it was perfectly silent.  I felt warmth like I’d never felt before and saw someone’s arms around me.  I did that floating out of my body bit and saw myself cradled in the arms of this Being that was solid gold.  He made me laugh, and I knew that as long as He was around, I would be OK.

Fast forward twenty or so years and I’m still in close contact with this Being and another, for that matter.  They’re my Spirit Guides.  They’re not alters or any part of me at all.  They belong to the Universe as a whole and are Beings of light, to use a cliche.  I can usually contact Them in deep meditations, and I know They’re always close when bad things are going on in my life.  They’ve even given advice to people in my FOC and have helped me many, many times to provide guidance for others.  I’m human, obviously, and to that end They can’t make my life perfect, nor can They give me perfect vision.  What They *can* do, though, is help.

For a while now, I’ve been unable to do deep meditation.  I felt like I’d lost that connection and had nothing to hold on to.  Today, though, one of the Guides reached out to me and I felt that connection again.  I’ve been contemplating a seemingly small decision, prodded by one of my others who knows more about metaphysics than I ever will this go round.  The Guide who communicated with me today showed me how to handle that situation in great detail.  Turns out this ‘unimportant’ decision has been quite some time in the making.  It’s an even bigger, tangible link to that Universal connection I thought I’d lost.


3 thoughts on “Reconnecting

  1. What a truly beautiful post. I’ve experienced these kinds of interventions. I have never thought of them as Guides. But I have used the language of connecting to the Universe, etc. Congratulations to you! I think being able to tap into this can be enormously helpful. Paul

    • Why thank you, Vicki. What a lovely thing to say! I wish you all the best as you start your blogging journey. It’s quite rewarding!

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